Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution: Internet of Things.
Interconnected robots and things are the new frontier of a production and distribution system that are becoming increasingly smarter, faster, and efficient.

Industry 4.0 is quickly transforming factories in production places with high technological content, where machines activated by humans are being replaced by increasingly autonomous and self-learning robotics.
The big bet is not just on robotics but also on the need to combine them with highly specialised personnel, who can interact with these technologies.
The speed with which industrial robotics manufactures finished products goes hand-in-hand with the thousands of data that every robot processes and can transmit to humans.
The untimely action taken by humans or their incompetence in using the applied technologies can cause serious production downtime and significant financial losses.

Those who manage production, maintenance, energy and water consumption and warehouse processes know how difficult it is to manage information from hi-tech environments and/or in the presence of diversified technologies.

They are aware of the fact that their company is different from the others and that generic IT solutions aren’t always the best solution for them because every company has different environmental, technical, technological, organisational, procedural, safety, legal, energy, documental and personnel organisation aspects.

What we do

Our mission begins by analysing all the above to provide management solutions and meet the requirements of every single company.

We identify and propose IoT solutions for the transmission and collection of data and information from production assets and/or systems.

We analyse scheduled and preventive maintenance procedures upon request and fine tune work processes and flows in collaboration with your company.

Full Concept IoT identifies the specific IT and management solution and delivers it correctly implemented.

This way, it will be possible to monitor the efficiency state of every single property, asset and/or system of an organisation, wherever they are located. Data gathered in real time can be compared with historical data to allow the technical staff to diagnose the efficiency state, program and control maintenance activities, monitor the energy production of renewable resources, as well as energy and water consumption.

It will be possible to make production processes and energy consumption more efficient by crosschecking the production data of energy sources with weather-related data.