Retail & Food Retail

It’s not the number of shops that counts but how their image is perceived.

The image of a shop is not just the visual perception of its concept, but also the atmosphere created by its smell, perceived sensations, music, lighting, and the display of goods.

The focus on the image increases the company’s reputation and customer loyalty, enhancing the intangible value of the Brand.

Those who are involved in the development and maintenance of shops are well aware of the importance and complexity of their tasks and of the management and organisation difficulties they have to face every day to provide prompt answers and solutions.

What we do

Our mission begins with the analysis of the concept, goals and the company’s policy, its ongoing procedures, the tools used and the organisation.

We also analyse all the documents of every single shop; we acquire the missing ones and report any non-conformity.

We organise and prepare the document portfolio.

We draw up maintenance plans.

We identify and propose IoT technological solutions suitable for the acquisition, transmission and analysis of the most relevant management data for the shops. It will be possible to monitor the operation status of the systems and environmental parameters.

We analyse scheduled and preventive maintenance procedures upon request and fine tune work processes and flows in collaboration with your company.

Full Concept IoT identifies the specific IT and management solution and delivers it correctly implemented.

This way, it will be possible to control the efficiency state of every single property, asset and/or system of an organisation, wherever they are located. Data gathered in real time can be compared with historical data to allow the technical staff to diagnose the efficiency state, program and control maintenance activities, monitor the energy production of renewable resources, as well as energy and water consumption.

It will be possible to use real statistics and benchmarking, draw up SLAs of external companies based on real and effective data, have access to the documentation of each property, system and/or component anytime, anywhere.